Belle Amazon Week One Fishing Report – Rio Negro


Well, we’ve kicked off our 2010/2011 season on the Rio Negro with a GOOD FISHING REPORT!    

FISHING REPORT – BELLE AMAZON – Week ending 10/1/10

Location: Rio Negro/Amazon River/Manaus Brazil

Trip Date: September 24, 2010 Week

Group Size: 18 Anglers

Total Number Fish Landed: 2361

Size: 10 lb.’ers – 21, 11 lb.’ers – 10, 12 lb.’ers – 11, 13 lb.’ers – 7,

14 lb.’ers – 6, 15 lb.’ers – 7, 16 lb.’ers – 5, 17 lb.’ers – 5,

18 lb.’ers – 6, 19 lb.’ers – 6, 20 lb.’ers – 5, 21 lb.’ers – 4,

22 lb.’ers – 2, 23 lb.’ers – 1, and 24.5 lb.’ers – 1!!!!!



(non published weights under 10#)


THAT’S 42 “TEENERS” and 13 GIANTS over 20 pounds with a 24.5 pound MONSTER!

The fishing boats are waiting just for you!


Water Level: Water levels were terrific on our first week with some awesome fishing!

Baits Used: Lures of choice for this trip were Woodchoppers, High Rollers and Jigs.

Owner/Operator, David McCarthy attended this trip. He commented on the excellent water conditions and the fish were staging themselves on the primary and secondary points leading into the lagoons and off the main channels.



I’ll be on the Belle myself through 10/19 and will report in detail and with photo’s on my return.




Good fishin’




David Fields











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